Ex­cel­lent new shit by a group from Karl­sruhe, Ger­many fea­tur­ing, as far as i can tell, the two mem­bers of Thee Khai Aehm. There are par­al­lels to be drawn to that group, es­pe­cial­ly con­cern­ing the heavy dun­geon-es­que vibe of which much is re­tained here as well, but over­all i'd say this group's garage- and fuzz punk sound is a dif­fer­ent kind of beast al­to­geth­er, in­volv­ing way high­er ve­loc­i­ties and more styl­is­tic va­ri­ety. The open­er has some pri­mal pro­to punk en­er­gy to it while the melod­i­cism of As Loud As Me re­minds me of ear­ly No Age or Wavves. Give Me Beat ven­tures deep in­to hard­core ter­ri­tor­ry and clos­ing track Fo­mo Boy is a force­ful blast of clas­sic dun­geon punk ex­cess. Well… if the word "clas­sic" even has any mean­ing for a genre this young. What­ev­er, there's no use ar­gu­ing with this kind of fury.