The lat­est LP by this Tokyo group, orig­i­nal­ly re­leased last year in Japan and now be­ing reis­sued by Bal­ti­more, Mary­land la­bel SPHC Records, kicks things off with not just one, but two max­i­mal­ly corny faux-or­ches­tral in­tros seagu­ing in­to a cheesy faux-met­al pas­tiche as if hell­bent on one-up­ping any of the re­cent dun­geon punk de­vel­op­ments. Then, the ac­tu­al fun starts in the form of equal­ly ba­sic but all the same un­pre­dictable and in­ven­tive hard­core punk bursts, the afore­men­tioned tongue-in-cheek dungeon/​metal flour­ish­es be­ing coun­ter­bal­anced by a free­wheel­ing cre­ative spir­it rem­i­nis­cent of, among oth­er things, ear­ly Crass! There's no use ar­gu­ing with this kind of in­san­i­ty, just em­brace the weird and en­joy the wild ride.