Fol­low­ing a thor­ough­ly en­tic­ing de­but EP last year, Bergen, Nor­way group Skl­i­tak­ling present an even stronger first LP, re­tain­ing the strum­my, quirky charm of the de­but while ex­pand­ing and branch­ing out styl­is­ti­cal­ly. Their song­writ­ing has won a lot of con­tour since then, their idio­syn­crat­ic arrange­ments com­ing across much crisper now. De­spite their nor­we­gian ori­gin, i can't help but feel re­mind­ed of the dan­ish scene of the past decade - the Copen­hagen ap­proach to post punk you might say - with the likes of Iceage, Melt­ing Walk­men, Spines and, just re­cent­ly, Pleas­er com­ing to mind at var­i­ous points as hav­ing a sim­i­lar sense of melan­choly and melody. In ad­di­tion, there's a dis­tinct cow­punk vibe at play here, kin­da like an LSD-soaked ear­ly Angst, Gun Club and, es­pe­cial­ly, the more re­cent hal­lu­cino­genic ex­is­ten­tial night­mare of Mur­der­er.