In a some­what un­ex­pect­ed but, all things con­sid­ered, per­fect­ly sen­si­ble move, the Philadel­phia group on the cut­ting edge of the still kin­da vague­ly de­fined and de­vel­op­ing dun­geon punk genre re­lease their first full length ef­fort on the well es­tab­lished, rather met­al-lean­ing la­bel Re­lapse Records. Thank­ful­ly this has pre­cious lit­tle in­flu­ence on their sound, aes­thet­ics and pro­duc­tion val­ues, with their newest batch of songs even pre­sent­ing the group at their grit­ti­est and most Lo-Fi so far, their still ab­solute­ly sin­gu­lar, elab­o­rate son­ic con­structs made up of post- and garage punk, noise rock, post­core, a very slight hint of Oi! and on­ly the most an­cient in­gre­di­ents of pro­to- and old-old­school met­al re­main­ing ob­scured by in a thick lay­er of tape hiss all the time. Yeah, the whole thing sounds glo­ri­ous i got­ta say!