Sandré - Ave Muñón

On their debut LP, Barcelona's San­dré deli­ver a round­house kick of uner­ring pre­cision, a sound loca­ted some­where on the frin­ges of post punk, post- and noi­se­core; always kee­ping the deli­cate balance bet­ween a raw, imme­diate impact and self-con­fi­dent ambi­tion. Spe­cu­la­ting about pos­si­ble influ­en­ces, i'm thin­king of a wide array of bands like Down­town Boys, early Die! Die! Die!, Les Savy Fav - but i'm also fee­ling a very dis­tinct vibe akin to other spa­nish acts of recent years, espe­ci­ally the likes of Juventud Juché, Betu­ni­zer and Cubano Vale.