Spray Paint - Into The Country

For the aus­tin noise rockers with that dis­tinc­tive no wave edge, the past three years were mar­ked exclu­si­vely by several col­la­bo­ra­tion pro­jects, resul­ting in one album, ano­t­her EP and two 7"s, all of it first rate stuff. Now we get a new "regu­lar" album, alt­hough the record­ings already date back to the year 2016. Accord­in­gly, these songs sound more like the logi­cal evo­lu­tion from their last LP Feel The Clamps, released that same year. As always with this band, there's no rush to reinvent them­sel­ves. Ins­tead, their sound is evol­ving gra­dually and dili­gent, reve­aling only a few new facets at a time. Most nota­ble this time is a more mini­ma­list approach to their com­po­si­ti­ons as well as the increa­sing use of drum machi­nes and syn­ths. And as always, the results are quite thril­ling.