Hamer - Hamer

Whoa… three years after i first noti­ced this band from leeds and a quite char­ming, chao­tic early EP of theirs, i honestly didn't expect their debut album to blow my socks off the way it did just now. Ins­tead of the EP's rela­xed DIY-Vibes you now find yours­elf in the middle of a fero­cious high speed trip whose rough coor­di­na­tes hover some­where bet­ween fuz­zed out space-, psych- and garage punk. Sure, these Songs won't win any awards for their ori­gi­na­lity but totally make up for that by deve­lo­ping into a blast so potent and rest­less it doesn't give you a second to think about such bull­shit any­way. I'm remin­ded of bands like Dest­ruc­tion Unit, Wash, Flat Worms, Draggs or even japa­nese genre vete­rans High Rise.