The Worms - Back To The Bog

This Lon­don trio de­liv­ers some new high qual­i­ty bursts of de­cid­ed­ly crude garage punk with a clear post punk edge. Ad­mir­ers of bands like Con­stant Mon­grel, Ex Cult, Tyvek, Use­less Eaters or Shark Toys will know to ap­pre­ci­ate this.

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Shit Blimp - A Groundbreaking Standard of the Genre

On their re­cent EP some Cleve­land, Ohio based group serves us ten flaw­less­ly ex­e­cut­ed deep brown pud­dles of filthy and con­ta­geous hard-/noisec­ore, boiled down to less than ten min­utes of quirky, messy joy.

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Constant Insult - History In Shorthand

Whoa… didn't re­al­ly ex­pect to hear from those Min­neapo­lis folks again, as five years have al­ready passed since their strong de­but EP. On their first long play­er we get more of that stuff - times 10, thanks to no­tice­ably re­fined songcraft and force­ful per­for­mances. This is plain old un­pre­ten­tious, melod­ic Punkrock with a clear ear­ly 90's bent at its very best. Kin­da like a Fu­sion of Day­light Rob­bery and Su­per­chunk, but you might al­so hear some Echoes of Jaw­break­er, Sami­am, even a very slight trace of Leather­face every now and then…

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Hank Wood and the Hammerheads - Use Me 7"

New record­ed ma­te­r­i­al by Hank Wood & his crew has be­come a some­what rare oc­curence in re­cent years… but when­ev­er some new tunes crop up, you're in­stant­ly re­mind­ed why you fell in love with his soul-in­fused Garage Punk in the first place - more than ever, i'd say. Song­writ­ing and arrange­ments are just as spot-on here as we've seen on past re­leas­es, pro­pelled for­ward by ra­zor sharp per­for­mances. Those ham­mers keep hit­ting every nail with im­pres­sive pre­ci­sion.

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No Age - Turned To String

Goons Be Gone re­leas­es June 5th via Drag City.

Lithics - Hands

Tow­er of Age re­leas­es June 3rd via Trou­ble In Mind.

No Trend - Teen Love

…fi­nal­ly! Was about fuck­ing time for this shit to get reis­sued.
Too Many Humans​​ /​​​ Teen Love re­leas­es May 28th via Drag City.

Yambag - Hippo

Posthu­mous Pounce! re­leas­es April 20th via Con­vulse Records.

Toner - Dark Ecstasy

Silk Road re­leas­es April 17th via Smok­ing Room.

Liiek - Ruined

Li­iek re­leas­es April 11th via Adagio830.