Verspannungskassette #40 (C-60)

Klint Heat Wave
OD-EX What Comes Next
Reck­less Randy Crack of the whip
Spam Lo Ver­dadero Es Lo Que Puedo, Lo Fal­so Lo Que Quiere
Dee­beat Ra­mone Against It
Clut­tered Grot­to Flea Bites
Liq­uid Lunch Big Re­sume
Bln­di Cabeza
The Carp The Old Way

Bil­liam Cur­rent World
The Hon­ey­buck­ets Re­make Re­mod­el Re­build De­stroy
Hell-Ga­ta Xxxxxx
Knice Knife
Re­turn­ers #1
Grout Fa­mil­ial
De­gen­er­at­ed Jerks Face to Face
Sub Space I Walk The Dev­il

Rub­bing Fa­tigue Fa­tigue
No Hu­mans Two Stom­achs
Girls In Syn­the­sis Watch With Moth­er
Eyes and Flys Emp­ty Safe
Glaas The Moon
The Khats Two Cats
Bode­ga Everybody's Sad

Big Town Di­a­logue
Chon­cy Six Months
The Pits Shoul­da Coul­da
Glaz­er Chan­nel Mas­ter
Me You Us Them Fight or Flight
Gui­tar Dou­ble Down

Moral Panic - Validation

Val­i­da­tion re­leas­es Sep­tem­ber 9th via Alien Snatch! Records.

Brak - Smashed Tape

Dopamine re­leas­es Au­gust 13th via adagio830.

Mo Troper - I Fall Into Her Arms

MTV re­leas­es Sep­tem­ber 2nd via Lame-O Records.

Cold Brats - Cli​-​Check​-​Mate

Shock Ther­a­py (Gel /​ Cold Brats split 12") re­leas­es Au­gust 12th via Con­vulse Records.

Klint - Heat Wave

New shit by the world's on­ly viking synth punk project… and we've got an­oth­er win­ner! The ti­tle track just sucks you right in with a throb­bing beat not un­like to the re­cent Dance sin­gle, spiked with a hint of an­cient eu­ro­trash cheesi­ness. With Go Ahead we then get an ef­fec­tive straight-up no-frills punk smash­er, while the odd­ly placed/​titled In­stru­men­tal In­ter­lude feels like fun hom­mage to clas­sic chip­tunes that will al­so mesh well with the on­go­ing dun­geon syn­th/-punk wave.

The Carp - Demo

Kick­ass me­chan­i­cal post punk from Cleve­land, Ohio. From the very first notes it doesn't take much of a ge­nius to fig­ure the ob­vi­ous in­volve­ment of Know­so mem­bers and it ap­pears there are al­so con­nec­tions to Cru­el­ster, among oth­ers. While Know­so stay the most ob­vi­ous com­par­i­son here, there's al­so a slight sem­blance of At­lanta rip­pers Nag and Preda­tor. At oth­er times the're branch­ing out in­to a Wire-es­qe vibe as in Cut Ups while The Old Way bears some sim­i­lar­i­ty to the bad-trip cow­punk of Mur­der­er.

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Liquid Lunch - Road King

The Min­neapo­lis group's de­but EP last year was al­to­geth­er ex­cel­lent stuff al­ready, yet on their most re­cent out­put they still up their game con­sid­er­ably - some added punch ow­ing to a mod­est in­crease in pro­duc­tion val­ues per­fect­ly match­es up to a sub­stan­tial­ly cranked-up en­er­gy lev­el on the group's part, show­cas­ing their quirky and play­ful style of garage- and synth punk from their best side yet. Don't miss out on this if shit á la Pat­ti, Re­al­i­ty Group, Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp., Sa­tan­ic To­gas, Erik Ner­vous, Aus­muteants, Liq­uids or Spodee Boy means any­thing to you!

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Glaas - Qualm

Re­li­able qual­i­ty shit from the Berlin post punk scene, once again fea­tur­ing some of the usu­al sus­pects known from groups such as Use­less Eaters, Id­io­ta Civl­iz­zat­to, Clock Of Time, Ex­it Group… and boy does it sound like it, es­pe­cial­ly with re­gards to the lat­ter two bands, strik­ing a sleep­walk­ing bal­ance be­tween clas­sic death rock flour­ish­es, tight-ass grooves and noisy tex­tures. Though not ex­act­ly push­ing the bound­aries of the worn-in, dis­tinc­tive Berlin sound, they nonethe­less man­age to stray just far enough from their son­ic com­fort zones to keep things fresh and in­ter­est­ing while even in their most con­ven­tion­al mo­ments, their vig­or­ous thrust nev­er fails to elec­tri­fy.

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Flash - Nazkauta Nitxiok

Flash re­leas­es Sep­tem­ber 2nd via La Vi­da Es Un Mus Dis­cos.