Baby Ghosts - Dusty

Verspannungskassette #31 (C-90)

Far Cor­ners Pull To One Side
Pat­ti West West Mid­west
Bobo C. S. S.
Big Bop­per Good Friends
Dog Lips Stain
Un­known Lib­er­ty A Field Of Veg­eta­bles
Stun­ner Rot­ten Fruit
Thought Con­trol Hatelust
Church Clothes No Good Deed
C-Krit Neg­a­tive Ap­proach Lyrics
Hip­py­fuck­ers Bad Light
An­i­mat­ed Vi­o­lence Called It
Duck Every­thing For Every­one
Hol­ly­wood Fuck­heads I'm Not Afraid Of You

No Fix Hell's on the In­side
Bal­loon Thief My Ver­min
Liq­uid Lunch Gaslight the Land­lord
The Crawlies Way It Goes
La Hi­ja del Apoc­alip­is 02:30 am
Die Ver­lier­er Die Zeit
Split Sys­tem Climb­ing
Big Ba­by Just Suckin'
Print Head Slip­pin
Rudix Jaulas
Mus­tard Slip­pin' and Slidin'
Mar­ty Brass Keep it Swing­ing, Bob
Teeth of Eng­land God Mak­er

Bam­bara Myth­ic Love
Meat Wave Hon­est Liv­ing
Noc­tur­nal Prose Black Mar­ble Grave
On­look­er Glo­ry
Thee Al­co­holics She's The Man
Adulkt Life Book Of Curs­es
Metz De­mo­li­tion Row
Girls In Syn­the­sis En­veloped
Coins Par­al­lèles Ne rien faire

Iso­tope Soap In Need Of Sys­tem­at­ic En­tropy
Ony­on Fell Na­turell
Tet­nis Punch Drunk Junk
Mod­ern Cyn­ics Stop
Star Par­ty No Ex­cuse
In­grates Kickin' Down The Doors!
Spooky Vi­sions The Pound­ing of the Nail
Klint De­saster
The Serfs Pol­i­tics of Empti­ness

Star Party - Meadow Flower

With mem­bers of Vexx, Gen Pop and Sweep­ing Promis­es among them, who’d ex­pect any­thing short of sheer awe­some­ness from this Seat­tle group? Sheer awe­some­ness is ex­act­ly what we get, of course. These eight songs are noise pop can­dy of the high­est cal­iber, tak­ing some cues out of the play­book of vague­ly surf-, more or less JMC-in­flu­enced acts such as ear­ly Prim­i­tives, Joan­na Grue­some, ear­ly Wavves, Male Bond­ing or, most re­cent­ly, UV-TV, the un­der­ly­ing songs be­ing strong enough to still work if you strip away the ubiq­ui­tous lay­er of fuzz, as they do in the gor­geous ti­tle track, a melan­choly dream pop bal­lad.

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Unknown Liberty - Chain Of Madness

Cu­ri­ous mix­ture of hard­core-, an­ar­cho- and post punk on this Kingston, NY group’s de­but tape, as­sem­bling a dis­tinct style out of grit­ty KBD-drenched vibes à la Launch­er, a hint of UK82 en­er­gy, plen­ty of Rudi­men­ta­ry Peni and the oc­ca­sion­al bit of Crass.

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Die Verlierer - Die Verlierer

Heav­i­ly retro-lean­ing post punk, made in Berlin and sound­ing ex­act­ly like you'd come to ex­pect by that fact. You might rec­og­nize a fa­mil­iar voice grum­bling about here, the dude hav­ing done a sim­i­lar thing with his oth­er band Maske, al­though the over­all vibe here is even a notch more grit­ty, some­times hav­ing a slight­ly Wipers-es­que qual­i­ty and, at oth­er points, a touch of S.Y.P.H. as well as more re­cent phe­nom­e­na like Aus, Hyäne, Die Wärme or Pe­ter Muf­fin und die Heil­sarmee. In oth­er words: This might have come out some­time around '81 just as well. There's a cou­ple of un­der­whelm­ing filler tracks on here - for­giv­able and to­tal­ly made up for by the un­de­ni­able high­lights of this al­bum. Just don’t try an­oth­er at­tempt at funk next time, okay?

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Horsegirl - Anti-glory

Ver­sions of Mod­ern Per­for­mance re­leas­es June 3rd via Mata­dor Records.

Peace De Résistance - Boston Dynamics

Bits and Pieces re­leas­es April 13th via Peace de Ré­cords /​ Sor­ry State Records.

L' appel Du Vide - Das Programm

Ab­wärtsspi­rale re­leas­es May 27th via It's Eleven Records.