Nasty Party - Loaded Dice

While i couldn't quite warm up to the pre­vi­ous EP of Sydney's Nasty Par­ty, with their newest re­lease they re­al­ly hit the spot once again just like their did with their bril­liant de­but EP. Tread­ing in some­what sim­i­lar ter­ri­to­ry to Mekons- and Tele­vi­sion Per­son­al­i­ties-wor­ship­ping groups á la Sub­ur­ban Homes, Sil­i­cone Val­ues or Pro­to Id­iot, they round things off with a strong Buz­zcocks fla­vor.

Cosme - Demo No. 2

Just like its pre­de­ces­sor, this new tape by Cosme from Ciu­dad López Ma­teos, Mex­i­co is a thor­ough­ly joy­ful ride. While the open­ing track goes all-in with its synth wave vibes and the clos­er dab­bles in a bit of hard­core, the two mid­dle tracks con­tin­ue the first tape's ap­proach of garage- and fuzz punk with that sug­ary syn­the­siz­er coat­ing on top. All of that works out just beau­ti­ful­ly.

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The Missed - Activation

Af­ter their more pow­er pop-lean­ing de­but EP, the first full length of this Cleve­land group fea­tur­ing Ner­vosas' Mick­ey Marie on gui­tar and vo­cals, while not a ex­act­ly de­par­ture from their pre­vi­ous record, ex­pands their col­or palette quite a bit. Over­all the vibe here is more grim and melan­choly, steer­ing clos­er to moody yet melod­ic post punk ter­ri­to­ry with a dis­tinct Wipers in­flu­ence while once again prov­ing their stun­ning abil­i­ty at craft­ing catchy and unique hooks. Of more re­cent bands, you might con­sid­er them in a loose­ly re­lat­ed Or­bit to groups like The Es­tranged and Day­light Rob­bery.

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Spodee Boy - Neon Lights

These Nashville garage punks' lat­est EP con­tin­ues the strong cow­punk vibes that took cen­ter stage rough­ly since their Rides Again EP, this time mak­ing a much stronger case for their vi­sion though, thanks to a much im­proved song sub­stance and a su­per tight per­for­mance, which ain't all that sur­pris­ing once you learn that at least in their cur­rent in­car­na­tion, these ap­pear to be the ex­act same dudes oth­er­wise known as Safe­ty Net. The two mid­dle tracks Barn Burn­er and The Plan then again have a bit of a Flat Worms or - quite fit­ting­ly - The Cow­boy feel to them.

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Ohyda - Kompführer

Pan Bóg Spełni Wszys­tkie Prag­nienia Lewaków​.​.​. I Do­jdzie Do Katas­tro­fy! re­leas­es June 24th via La Vi­da Es Un Mus Dis­cos.

Mock Execution - Calm In The Chaos

Killed By Mock Ex­e­cu­tion re­leas­es June 24th via La Vi­da Es Un Mus Dis­cos.

The Umbrellas - Write It In The Sky

Write It In The Sky 7" re­leas­es June 24th via Slum­ber­land Records.

Belly Jelly - The Universal Language

A new LP by Bel­ly Jel­ly aka Sean Al­berts of Skull Cult, Dum­my & QQQL fame (…and not of Safe­ty Net, as i wrong­ly sus­pect­ed at some point) al­ways means a fresh new caf­feine rush as he adds his trade­mark Skull Cult in­san­i­ty to a breed of synth- and garage punk bear­ing at least some re­sem­blance to house­hold names of the Aus­muteants, Iso­tope Soap, Andy Hu­man & The Rep­toids, Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp., Erik Ner­vous or Use­less Eaters va­ri­ety.

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Kat Haus - Flesh

While this cana­di­an dude's pre­vi­ous EP was plen­ty of fun al­ready, his newest one is even bet­ter. Ec­cen­tric and at times rather kinky garage punk this is, kin­da like a more laid-back Erik Ner­vous or Liq­uids with some Mod­ern Lovers-es­que pro­to punk vibes or a more en­er­getic vari­ant of the re­cent Peace De Ré­sis­tance al­bum. Then again, Who? comes across as kind of a goth/​dark wave/​dance punk hy­brid, which he al­so man­ages to pull off smooth­ly.

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Die TV - Side A

Fun DIY punk shit by some dude based in Marmo­ra, New Jer­sey, os­cil­lat­ing be­tween the poles of elec­tri­cal­ly dri­ven garage- /​synth punk and bizarro post punk with some quirky, over-the top goth stylings. Think of a mix be­tween S.B.F., Set-Top Box, Stal­ins of Sound or ear­ly Kid Chrome… fans of The Spits or Iso­tope Soap shouldn't miss out on this as well.

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