Raleigh, North Car­oli­na hard-/post­core pow­er­house Sor­ry State Records has two new treats in store for us. First there's the de­mo cas­sette by At­lanta group Chaos OK. Their name sug­gest­ing some con­nec­tion to old­school british punk al­ready, i'd in­deed say the EP starts out with a some­what UK82-ish vibe in par­tic­u­lar, which then lat­er morphs in­to a shape vague­ly sim­i­lar to more re­cent, slight­ly garage-in­fused hard­core acts á la ear­ly Elec­tric Chair and Kalei­do­scope, on­ly to end things in the guise of time­less pro­to noise, post­core and -punk some­where in­be­tween the worlds of, say, Crass, Flip­per and Dri­ve Like Je­hu. Ex­cit­ing shit!

An­oth­er old­school-ish, al­though a lot more sim­ple and prim­i­tive force of na­ture is the newest 7" by Finland's Val­taty­hjiö who con­vince by sheer force on this one, hav­ing both some traits of '80s con­ti­nen­tal eu­ro­pean hard­core to them as well as - to come full cir­cle as far as british in­flu­ence is con­cerned - some flour­ish­es of clear­ly NWOBHM-in­spired (speed-)metal.