These folks have been around for a cou­ple years al­ready and i'm kin­da sur­prised to re­al­ize this is ac­tu­al­ly their first re­al full length re­lease to date. The in­tro false­ly hints at a some­what pro­gres­sive-ish di­rec­tion, though sub­se­quent­ly they set­tle in­to a more fa­mil­iar aes­thet­ic, a sound that's ab­solute­ly of their time yet kin­da sin­gu­lar among their peers in its an­gu­lar, elab­o­rate el­e­gance - a mix­ture of post- and garage punk hit­ting the per­fect mix­ture of smart and fun, kin­da re­laxed yet in­cred­i­ble propul­sive all the same, re­mark­able for its lay­ered tex­tures and ef­fort­less ex­e­cu­tion, al­so pre­sent­ing them at their catchi­est so far. At times you might com­pare them to art­sy post punk groups á la more re­cent In­sti­tute, Ex­it Group and Mononeg­a­tives, the slight­ly psy­ched-up vari­ant of this as played by, say, Mar­bled Eye, Waste Man, Bruised or Pub­lic Eye as well as play­ful, clever garage punk acts like Erik Ner­vous, Clarko, Tee Vee Re­pair­man, Mononeg­a­tives, Pinch Points, Dumb, Ura­ni­um Club, Re­al­i­ty Group… and i could still come up with many more awe­some ref­er­ence points. This shit rules, plain and sim­ple!