An­oth­er con­stant pres­ence of the garage scene who's been around pret­ty much since the be­gin­ning of this blog has a new LP out and it's such a thing of beau­ty! As ver­sa­tile and in­ven­tive as ever, these new songs more or less con­tin­ue the dude's very own quirky, slight­ly De­vo-fied vi­sion of garage punk that first ful­ly took form on that Be­ta Block­ers LP in 2019 - in­stant­ly rec­og­niz­able yet al­ways a cou­ple steps ahead of the lis­ten­er, al­ways good for a sur­prise or two. Tracks like Hemgeeh und Pro­jec­tor come with kind of a spaced out, psy­che­del­ic Mononeg­a­tives en­er­gy. Al­so, we get a bunch of com­pact and catchy-as-fuck synth-dri­ven smash­ers in the sec­ond half as well as a neat They Might Be Gi­ants cov­er and Al­li­ga­tor Fac­ing East is such an epic fuck­ing hymn for the ages! Fur­ther plau­si­ble ref­er­ence points for the over­all sound of this record would be the likes of Andy Hu­man and the Rep­toids, Freak Genes, Iso­tope Soap and New Vogue.