Pedi­gree of Tour­nai, Bel­gium fol­low up their ex­cel­lent 2020 mi­ni-LP with an­oth­er strong batch of tunes, con­tin­u­ing the trend of their orig­i­nal­ly more garage-lean­ing sound grad­u­al­ly mov­ing in­to more of a post punk di­rec­tion and even some flash­es of '90s post­core can be gleamed in songs such as Trapped, S.A.D. and Bread, call­ing to mind bits and pieces of Jaw­box, Dri­ve Like Je­hu, Pol­vo and Hot Snakes. Dis­graced, on the oth­er hand, has more of a melod­ic sen­si­bil­i­ty right out of the Vaguess, Bad Sports or Mo­tor­bike play­book. And over­all, my pre­vi­ous com­par­isons to french groups á la Telecult, Night­watch­ers still hold true, as well as a bunch of in­ter­na­tion­al acts like Sauna Youth, Teenanger, Video, or Clamm.