Just weeks af­ter their re­cent tape on Iron Lung Records here's a new one al­ready by this, pre­sum­ably, ice­landic group, this time again com­ing to us cour­tesy of dun­geon-/black­ened-/ex­per­i­men­tal spe­cial­ist la­bel Grime Stone Records and it's their strongest, most ful­ly re­al­ized one so far if you ask me. Take the rough specs and traits of black met­al, noisy synth-, hard­core- and elec­tro punk, com­ple­ment that un­re­lent­ing force with a slight­ly egg­punk-y aes­thet­ic that just seems a lit­tle too cute and quirky in face of all that grim­ness and you just might end up with some­thing sim­i­lar to what these folks are go­ing for.