Billiam's first re­leas­es were around the 2020 mark yet it feels to me as if this dude has been around for a lot longer, a sub­lim­i­nal pres­ence al­ways hov­er­ing at the pe­riph­ery of a wider 12XU-rel­e­vant bub­ble. His newest LP should launch him right in­to the spot­light though, this be­ing his strongest and most con­sis­tent batch of new tunes so far in his hard-to-im­i­tate (though plen­ty of folks are try­ing for sure…), vague­ly egg-ish melange of some­times rather bare-bones synth- garage- and post punk - catchy as fuck, sim­ple and dumb yet every sin­gle move hits home!