A marked change of pace for La Vi­da Es Un Mus Dis­cos - a la­bel usu­al­ly more con­cerned with the rougher ends of the hard- and post­core spec­trum - the de­but al­bum of this basque group has a con­tem­po­rary Lo-Fi ap­peal to its unique take on garage punk with a some­what murky and bent (or dare i say: Warttman-es­que?) sound aes­thet­ic where ei­ther gui­tars sound like synths or vice ver­sa, i wouldn't be able to tell ei­ther way. While their play­ful­ness and melod­ic­i­ty call to mind re­cent stuff by the likes of Prison Af­fair, Alien Nosejob's hard­core 45s, Be­ta Max­i­mo or Al­gara, there's al­so a raw and au­then­tic 80s hard­core un­der­cur­rent go­ing on here pep­pered with some gen­tle flash­es of Oi! and 90s emo­core.