You can't go wrong with any new re­lease by that UK garage-/synth punk duo team­ing up Pro­to Idiot's An­drew An­der­son with Char­ly Mur­phy of groups such as The Red Cords, In­ter­nal Cred­it and Iso­la­tion. Af­ter ex­plor­ing a more cold, min­i­mal synth aes­thet­ic sound on their pre­vi­ous LP, this one presents them in a some­what fuller sound and prob­a­bly at their catchi­est so far, chan­nel­ing pri­mar­i­ly the spir­it of first-wave synth punk acts á la Prim­i­tive Cal­cu­la­tors, Ner­vous Gen­der, Scream­ers, Units, Min­i­mal Man and of course De­vo (duh!), while from the cur­rent land­scape, com­par­isons to Iso­tope Soap or Alien Nose­job in full-on elec­tro mode may be drawn as well.