This dude from Wat­ford, UK does a lot of things wrong here and i to­tal­ly fuck­ing love it. You know, like… squeez­ing 8 songs, 12 min­utes of fuzzed out garage rock on a 7" and have that thing spin at 33 RPM for ex­tra neg­a­tive fi­deli­ty. Al­so, who needs so­phis­ti­ca­tion and nu­ance in their mu­sic if we can sim­ply have every­thing be very, very loud at all times? Why write a song us­ing three chords if we can do it with just one? Yeah, don't ex­pect any­thing too smart about this EP but the sheer sham­bol­ic in­ten­si­ty makes up for it per­fect­ly. At some points this sounds like an MC5 wor­ship­ping in­car­na­tion of ear­ly The Men clash­ing with De­struc­tion Unit while more re­cent groups like Hamer and Su­per-X aren't too far off ei­ther.