New shit from one of KBD-in­formed garage punk's prime mak­ers in our time, L.A.'s Frea­kees. Hav­ing tried on quite di­verse styl­is­tic flour­ish­es, bits and pieces on re­cent EPs in­clud­ing pure synth-/elec­tro punk on their pre­vi­ous one, they have nev­er sound­ed more fo­cused than on their newest ef­fort and this pays off ad­mirably as the cur­rent, pret­ty synth-heavy it­er­a­tion of their sound to­tal­ly slaps and might be com­pared fa­vor­ably to acts like ear­ly Launch­er, Alien Nose­job, Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp., Liq­uid As­sets and Sa­tan­ic To­gas.