So the egg-plague has now ar­rived in Greece. Was about time, i'd say. Μπριτζολιτσεσ are a duo from Athens cook­ing up a mix­ture of garage- and synth punk that even yours tru­ly has to clas­si­fy as to­tal­ly and de­li­cious­ly nuts. A lev­el of nut­ty­ness that's rough­ly in the ball­park of lu­natics like Skull Cult or the whole Warttman-in­fest­ed Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp./Set-Top Box clus­ter­fuck. What­ev­er un­de­ci­pher­able mess google trans­late makes of the lyrics gives me a hunch that un­der­stand­ing the lan­guage won't make the whole thing any san­er.