The Cowboy - The Cowboy 7"

Cleveland's The Cow­boy are back! Two years after their explo­sive debut album, the group fea­turing mem­bers of Plea­sure Lef­tists and Homos­tu­pids haven't lost their abi­lity to kick ass with a sound oscil­la­ting bet­ween garage- and post punk, noise rock over­to­nes, an abra­sive sur­face com­bi­ned with dis­ar­ming catchy­ness. All this reminds me of bands like Plax, Ex-Cult, Shark Toys and Flat Worms. Also, in a rather unex­pec­ted turn of events, we get expo­sed to a laid back indiero­ckin' instru­men­tal tune on the b-side.