Bed Maker - Ballad of Tokitae

Bed Mak­er re­leas­es May 31st via Dischord Records.

Upright Forms - Heaven Knows

Blurred Wires re­leas­es June 28th via Skin Graft Records.

208 - Tantrum

Pos­ses­sion re­leas­es May 10th via Good­bye Boozy Records.

Direct Threat - Forever Fighting

End­less Siege re­leas­es May 31st via Iron Lung Records.

Ye Ascoyne d'Ascoynes - Just The Biggest Thing

Su­per­son­ic Shoes re­leas­es May 31st via Spin­out Nuggets.

Coded Marking - Zero Sum

Cod­ed Mark­ing re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 11th.

Clown Sounds - Primetime Recount

Par For The Curse re­leas­es Ju­ly 12th via Re­cess Records.

Mantarochen - Reflection

In The Bad­gers Cave re­leas­es May 31st via It's Eleven Records.

Pardoner - Future Of Music

Para­noid In Hell re­leas­es May 24th via Con­vulse Records.