Negative Gears - Ants

Moralis­er re­leas­es Ju­ly 12th via Sta­t­ic Shock Records.

Taifun - Kaiju Power

Kai­ju Pow­er 7" re­leas­es June 21st via Se­b­o­tage Records.

The Drin - Elude The Torch

Elude The Torch re­leas­es June 28th via Feel It Records.

Golomb - Take My Life

Love re­leas­es June 14th.

Spit - Suffocate Yrself

Suf­fo­cate Yr­self re­leas­es June 28th via Lost Wis­dom.

Teens - Burning Bridges

Teens re­leas­es Ju­ly 5th via No Sleep Records.

Gay Cum Daddies - Chirping Pennies

Par­rots Realm re­leas­es June 28th via De­co­her­ence Records.

The Jesus Lizard - Hide & Seek

Rack re­leas­es Sep­tem­ber 1st via Ipecac Record­ings.

Osees - Cassius, Brutus & Judas

SORCS 80 re­leas­es Au­gust 9th via Cas­tle Face Records.

Vangas - Slow Strum

Slow Strum /​ Rush­ing 7" re­leas­es June 20th via Chun­klet In­dus­tries.