Ex­cel­lent shit strad­dling the fine line be­tween hard- and post­core with a smidge of garage thrown in is what we get on the de­but EP of Win­nipeg group Jug, reach­ing our shores cour­tesy of the al­ways re­li­able Van­cou­ver noise forge Neon Taste Records. Their sound en­cap­su­lates ex­act­ly the rough and un­ruly qual­i­ties i seek out most from these gen­res, at the same time sound­ing rea­son­ably elab­o­rate and well-con­struct­ed. At points, you might draw com­par­isons to stuff like Acrylics, Mys­tic Inane, Ar­se, Day­dream, Video, Cri­sis Man, ear­ly Bad Breed­ing… plus a sur­prise hint of '77 New York in My Body's Doomed!

Sim­i­lar things, al­beit in a somwhat dumb­er, equal­ly fun and de­light­ful­ly prim­i­tive fash­ion, are then brought forth on the de­but LP of Milwaukee's In­nu­en­do which has just dropped via Un­law­ful As­sam­bly and Roach Leg Records and on which they hit a sweet spot be­tween sim­ple and stu­pid old­school hard­core en­er­gy and KBD-drenched garage in­san­i­ty, in­gre­di­ents that have stood the test of time be­ing pre­sent­ed in a way here that still feels fresh and alive.