Did i ever men­tion i've been a chris­t­ian once? Yeah i know. True sto­ry and i hope y'all had a good laugh. Nowa­days i'm on­ly wor­ship­ping Sa­tan though. Huge fan! The music's a lot bet­ter too. The Devil's aus­tralian, as every­one knows and so are his to­gas, who have as of yet ut­ter­ly failed to ever shred a sin­gle tune that doesn't fuck­ing rip. Their newest ex­tend­ed play has more of their sig­na­ture blend of garage-/synth-/eg­g­punk and pow­er pop good­ness burn­ing fast and bright­ly with ob­vi­ous sim­i­lar­i­ties to oth­er re­cent shit á la Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp., Ghoulies, Gee Tee, Daugh­ter Bat & The Lip Stings, Alien Nosjob, Buck Biloxi, Set-Top Box and Er­ic Ner­vous.