Once again, Leipzig group Ony­on con­vince me by virtue of their adapt­abil­i­ty and sol­id Crafts­man­ship rather than nov­el­ty, re­pro­duc­ing a num­ber of tried and test­ed for­mu­las that firm­ly click in­to spec on their sec­ond LP. Post punk that ain't try­ing any­thing fun­ny, you could say. This time we get just a smidge of egg­punk weird­ness added to the mix. Songs like Dog­man then have more of a garage punk edge to them. There's a touch of Wire in Egg Ma­chine, old­school goth-/deathrock vibes in In­vis­i­ble Spook and bits and pieces of Gun Club are sprin­kled through­out the whole of it. Need­less to say, echoes of oth­er more or less re­cent ar­ti­facts of the Leipzig scene like Am­bu­lanz, Lassie and Laff Box are to be found in there aswell.