Bril­liant new shit from folks who've pre­vi­ous­ly been play­ing, among oth­ers, in Melbourne's in­fa­mous­ly abra­sive post punk act Sew­ers as well as the some­what more ac­ces­si­ble, in­die rock-lean­ing out­fit Love Of Di­a­grams. What we get here is once again pret­ty much off the beat­en path, a heav­i­ly folk-in­fused melange in which the amer­i­cana-drenched punk of, say, Angst col­lides with some 80s Sci­en­tists, a hint of british psy­che­delia and plen­ty of pais­ley un­der­ground jan­gle­ness - a deep melan­cho­lia, at times a lit­tle rem­i­nis­cent of Brisbane's Kitchen's Floor find­ing its out­let in nonethe­less catchy-as-fuck melodies, em­bed­ded in­to a kin­da fuzzy, neb­u­lous sound­scape. Oth­er times, the melod­ic post punk of The Es­tranged comes to mind or the re­laxed psy­che­del­ic garage- and pow­er pop of White Fence, The Cairo Gang. Oth­er plau­si­ble ref­er­ences in­clude more or less re­cent groups á la Damak, ear­li­er Chronophage, Dead Finks, Refedex and The Molds.