For some rea­son i had my doubts about this record be­fore­hand (dun­no… might have been down to the some­what slick pro­duc­tion? In­tel­li­gi­ble lyrics, urgh!) but now lis­ten­ing to the whole thing, i got­ta say it turns out to be pret­ty fuck­ing awe­some shit once again, even in­cre­men­tal­ly im­prov­ing on the al­ready im­pres­sive qual­i­ty stan­dard of the Chica­go group's pre­vi­ous re­leas­es in a flaw­less batch of smart and elab­o­rate post­core tunes, which at cer­tain points might draw com­par­isons to groups like Bat­piss, Meat Wave, Bench Press, Bloody Gears, ear­li­er stuff by the likes of Tu­nic, Pile and USA Nails, an­gu­lar post punk acts like Lithics, Pill or Mar­bled Eye as well as oc­ca­sion­al flash­es of, say… Jaw­box, Smart Went Crazy, Q and not U and mid-'90s Fugazi. What more could i ask for, re­al­ly?