The Olympia, Wash­ing­ton group's first long­play­ing cas­sette, fol­low­ing two equal­ly awe­some tapes on the fab­u­lous Im­po­tent Fe­tus la­bel, still de­liv­ers the goods of un­pre­dictable, free­wheel­ing hard- and post­core with ad­di­tion­al in­gre­di­ents of garage punk and mild in­san­i­ty, stub­born­ly re­fus­ing to fit in­to your pre­con­cieved no­tions of what this thing called punk rock is sup­posed play out like. A fair­ly eclec­tic, genre-bend­ing ap­proach which you might, if you re­al­ly had to, com­pare to groups as di­verse as Das Drip, Warm Bod­ies, Vexx, Judy & The Jerks, Mys­tic Inane, Hot­mom, Gen Pop or Snif­fany & The Nits at one point or an­oth­er.