This Mel­bourne group's 2017 de­but EP still res­onates with me as one of the most unique ex­pe­ri­ences in the garage-/post-/art punk spere of its time. Al­most five years hav­ing passed since then, it's no sur­prise their fol­low-up EP show­cas­es a some­what more stream­lined yet still am­bi­tious and sur­pris­ing grab-bag of songs which con­tin­ue to draw plen­ty of in­spi­ra­tion from both Chairs Miss­ing-era Wire and ear­ly, Syd Bar­rett-era Pink Floyd, this time lean­ing in heav­ier on the spaced-out post punk side of things, al­so sound­ing not quite un­like a more eleb­o­rate ver­sion of B-Boys or Go­tobeds. Then at their most melod­ic and straight­for­ward, Else­where is the kind of an­themic old­school in­die rock smash­er rarely en­coun­tered these days.