NJ/​NY La­bel State Cham­pi­on Records has yet an­oth­er quite awe­some tape for us and this time it's by a group from Helsin­ki, Fin­land who de­liv­er a ful­ly re­al­ized sound tak­ing cues from so much of what's good in re­cent years, i don't re­al­ly know where to start… The EP starts out with propul­sive post punk that feels like a fu­sion of dark­er sound­ing groups in the Rank/​Xerox or Pi­geon vein with art­sy post- and garage punk groups like Pat­ti, Lithics, Re­al­i­ty Group, Vin­tage Crop or Yam­mer­er. The mid­dle two songs then in­tro­duce a more re­laxed, slight­ly in­die rock lean­ing vibe á la Go­tobeds, Sleepies, Tape/​Off or B-Boys, with the clos­ing track Plas­tic Ma­rine feel­ing like the per­fect sym­bio­sis of both ten­den­cies.