This EP by Ky­oto group LLRR is a re­al treat! Post punk that's si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly catchy and abra­sive, of­ten dance­able, some­times lean­ing to­wards math rock struc­tures and old­school no-wave-funky in oth­er places. A rock-sol­id rhythm sec­tion cre­ates the ide­al space for gui­tarist Yuzu­ru Sano's un­ruly yet of­ten quite melod­ic erup­tions of noise to un­fold as well as the hyp­not­ic chants by vo­cal­ist Mi­na­mi Yoko­ta, the lat­ter be­ing in­ter­wo­ven in­to the rhyth­mic foun­da­tion to a de­gree sel­dem heard from con­tem­po­rary groups.