Neutrals - Rent / Your House EP

Fol­lo­wing two strong demo tapes and the flaw­less rip­per that was last year's debut album via Emo­tio­nal Response Records, Oakland's Neu­trals already have ano­t­her EP out on which they seem­lessly resume their remar­kable win­ning spree. No other band right now so effort­lessly nails this spe­ci­fic sub­genre of end­lessly char­ming, qirky heart-on-its-sleeve style DIY post-/art punk surely inspi­red by the likes of Tele­vi­sion Per­so­na­li­ties, early Mekons or Despe­rate Bicy­cles, while still see­ming firmly roo­ted in this day and age.