Trashdog - Dipshitticus

What a beau­ti­fully der­an­ged kind of mess, the second Album by Trash­dog a.k.a. Andrew Jack­son, the dude also respon­si­ble for Aus­tin, Texas label Digi­tal Hot­dogs. I didn't expect a lot of nor­malcy here to begin with, but none­theless i'm kind of asto­nis­hed by the mas­sive amount of top notch good­ness scat­te­red wildly across this record, espe­ci­ally after i found Trashdog's first effort to be of some­what incon­sis­tent qua­lity. Roughly one third here con­sists of dumb jokes and various shades of fuck­ing around. Ano­t­her third turns out to be bril­li­antly weird and inven­tive song­craft in a spec­trum of garage punk, power pop, synth-/elec­tro punk and a tiny hint of glam. And as for the remai­ning third, i'm some­what unde­ci­ded in which of the first two cate­go­ries i should file that stuff. The whole of it makes for an awe­some, if at times over­whel­ming, dis­ori­en­ting rol­ler coas­ter ride. Some kind of white album on stu­pid pills.