Italia 90 - III

Alt­hough other bri­tish bands of their genre enjoyed much more media atten­tion than lon­don art-/post punks Ita­lia 90 have in recent years, few other bands, in my hum­ble opi­nion, embody so much of the soul and rebel­lious no-bull­shit DIY atti­tude of the scene, a bit­ter and emo­tio­nal indic­t­ment of a society collec­tively shrug­ging off its own guilty con­sci­ence. It's about time this Band gets noti­ced a lot more. On their third EP -just like on its pre­de­ces­sors - i hear strong echoes of old post punk gre­ats: Cri­sis, Mem­bra­nes, Swell Maps and early Mekons for example. Simul­ta­ne­ously Ita­lia 90 keep expan­ding on their sonic spec­trum. Usually when punks go slow, this tends to result in a hor­ri­ble train­w­reck. But sur­pri­sin­gly, the slo­west, most sub­dued moments are the clear high­lights of this record. In Open Veins, the gentle per­for­mance col­li­des with the dis­il­lu­sio­ned and angry char­ges deli­ve­red by its lyrics. This com­bi­na­tion reminds me a bit of recent Pro­tomar­tyr, while the clo­sing track Against The Wall has a subtle psy­che­de­lic note in com­mon with Wire's Chairs Mis­sing album.