Richard Rose - Richard Rose

Richard Rose are a new band from Los Ange­les whose lin­eup inclu­des mem­bers of Ex-Cult, GØGGS, Bad Sports and OBN IIIs - in the small world of garage punk, it doesn't get much more exqui­site than this! Their music howe­ver doesn't sound all that much like cali­for­nia to me, but rather i'm remin­ded of high energy aus­tra­lian garage acts like Jack­son Reid Briggs & The Hea­ters, Mini Skirt, Dumb Punts or WOD. Some­what of an out­lier here is Queen Selene, a craw­ling stoner jam, which is usually not exac­tly my cup of tea, but for some rea­son i kinda like this one.