The sec­ond EP by this San Fran­cis­co group, com­ing to us by way of the weirdo suits at the head­quar­ters of Dis­con­tin­u­ous In­no­va­tion Inc., marks a quite im­pres­sive step up in en­er­gy, so­phis­ti­ca­tion, el­e­gance and styl­is­tic va­ri­ety af­ter their al­ready per­fect­ly en­joy­able de­but cass­in­gle in 2020. In the year 2024, their quirky and chaot­ic mix of post­core, post- and art punk with just a smidge of garage punk thrown in for good mea­sure is still gonna evoke uni­ver­sal­ly fa­vor­able com­par­isons to quirky noise­mak­ers in the vein of Rolex, Pat­ti, Re­al­i­ty Group, Big Bop­per, Warm Bod­ies, Ura­ni­um Club and Brandy.