Al­ways a thing of beau­ty, a new LP by Detroit's wild­ly in­flu­en­tial pi­o­neers of the mid-aughts to 2010s wave of US garage punk groups. The first thing catch­ing your ear on this one is the added sax­o­phone of Emi­ly Roll, adding s slight­ly dif­fer­ent kind of tex­ture to this re­lease. Oth­er­wise, this is the sig­na­ture Tyvek sound we all know and love, made up of kin­da sim­plis­tic yet equal­ly ra­zor sharp riffs and hooks coun­ter­act­ed by their some­what loose and slop­py, re­laxed and strum­my pre­sen­ta­tion, all of which sur­ley served as an in­spi­ra­tion to lat­er groups of the Strange At­trac­tor, Par­quet Courts, Shark Toys or UV Race va­ri­ety!