A new EP by Drew Owen aka Sick Thoughts and if you didn't ex­pect sheer garage punk ex­cel­lence at this point, bet­ter think again 'cos this record fuck­ing de­liv­ers! The open­ing sal­vo Sick Thoughts is kind of a hard­core smash­er sud­den­ly tak­ing a sharp turn in­to some dis­tinct Ra­mones-meet-Cheap Trick ter­ri­to­ry. Hell­rais­er is pure '77-drenched pow­er pop ec­sta­sy with a thin ic­ing of Hüsker Dü or Mov­ing Tar­gets on top. The sev­en­ty-sev­en-ish vibes then reach their apex in School­girls in Chains, while My Heart is Break­ing Over You is ex­act­ly the kind of un­healthy sug­ar rush that might just be­come a bit too much of every­thing in the hands of less­er song­writ­ers and per­form­ers but shines here all the brighter by virtue of the rock-sol­id songcraft ev­i­dent.