Fun and un­set­tling all the same, the sec­ond re­lease by some Cleve­land, Ohio dudes who have al­ready brought us such won­ders as Wood­stock '99, Spike Pit and Bad Noids. The thing starts off kin­da like Bad Brains or Cir­cle Jerks with a ran­dom dose of Deep Pur­ple mixed in… such un­speak­able things ap­pear to be in fash­ion right now and i'm all for it! At oth­er times you may find bits and pieces of The Men­tal­ly Ill, Flip­per, Nox­ious Fumes and oth­er weird­ness from an era when hard­core punk was still al­lowed to be fun, not yet cod­i­fied to death and most of all not tak­ing it­self so fuck­ing se­ri­ous­ly. A free­wheel­ing spir­it nowa­days kept alive by acts such as Mys­tic Inane, Launch­er, Liq­uid As­sets or Ce­ment Shoes, among oth­ers.