Last year's Health EP was some qual­i­ty shit al­ready but their newest re­lease is just so ridicu­lous­ly ap­peal­ing i wasn't at all pre­pared for that kind of may­hem. This trio is from Nashville and i sus­pect that Con­nor and Sean are the very same dudes best known as Skull Cult oth­er­wise - not a fuckin' clue who Cam is. Oh, and there's one more thing: Be­ing in charge of mix­ing and mas­ter­ing, none oth­er than Erik Ner­vous left his own trade­mark beer stains all over this cas­sette whose sound is just as wild and eclec­tic as con­sis­tent­ly catchy. Some echoey garage surf twang? Spaced out psy­che­del­ic freak­outs? Wire & Mis­sion of Bur­ma vib­in' on Ben­zos? You name it! And hov­er­ing even a notch above all that shit, there's the down­right per­fect 70s pow­er pop-meets-80s hair met­al mas­ter­piece Be With You, a knock­out punch of the most pleas­ant kind.