Yes, this is an in­ter­ven­tion a.k.a. an­oth­er one of these oblig­a­tory read­er bash­ing posts. Be­cause most of you still suck so bad at this. I shouldn't have to be telling you this any­more and you're mak­ing me so very sad. And no, i won't stop nag­ging about it any­time soon.

So here goes… Please, please, pret­ty please, for fuck­ing fuck's sake please stop us­ing these things:

  • Face­book
  • Twit­ter

Join the fe­di­verse in­stead. As a start­ing point for my fel­low mu­sic lovers: How about get­ting an ac­count at And when you've done that, tell me about it.

If you're us­ing twit­ter or face­book to pub­lish and/​or cu­rate stuff in a reg­u­lar man­ner, how about start­ing your own blog in­stead? When you've done that, tell me about it.

If you to­tal­ly can't lay off your bad in­ter­net habits for now, at least make your­self fa­mil­iar with the al­ter­na­tives and start us­ing them.

  • Google Chrome

You have no fuck­ing ex­cuse. There are sev­er­al equal­ly good al­ter­na­tives out there do­ing ex­act­ly the same thing. Some of them are ba­si­cal­ly just Chrome with all the evil parts re­moved. Fire­fox is way more sexy though.

  • Google An­a­lyt­ics

Aaarght! Blog­gers and web­mas­ters, cut that shit out for cry­ing out loud. If you need sta­tis­tics, you might wan­na take a look at Mato­mo. It's free and easy to set up. Al­so look­ing at you, Band­camp!!! I like you, but you're help­ing Google track your users. And you're do­ing it with your em­bed­ded play­er, on every fuck­ing mu­sic blog in the world!!!

  • Share- and like-but­tons pro­vid­ed by Face­book or Twit­ter

These are just an­oth­er means of track­ing users. If you can't live with­out that sweet lit­tle dopamine boost every share or like pro­vides… take a look at Shar­iff. Word­Press users: There's a plu­g­in for that.

Every­body, please start do­ing this:

  • Use a de­cent ad-block­er plu­g­in in your web brows­er.

This pro­tects you from the bulk of track­ers, all of the ad-in­dus­try brain­fuck and it helps starve out said in­dus­try. If your brows­er doesn't al­low it: Use a dif­fer­ent brows­er! How hard can it be?

Blog­gers and Web­mas­ters take no­tice: Google wants to roll out its FLoC pro­gramme in the near fu­ture to en­able track­ing of Chrome users even in a world where cook­ie-based track­ing be­comes less and less ef­fec­tive. Please do this:

  • Learn how to pre­vent the FLoC func­tion­al­i­ty from be­ing en­abled on your web­site (for now at least).
  • If your site us­es Word­Press, it's as easy as in­stalling a plu­g­in like this one here.
  • Chrome users: Here's an­oth­er rea­son for you to look for a dif­fer­ent brows­er.

Please, folks, please start tak­ing these things se­ri­ous­ly. Please stop suck­ing so hard at every fuck­ing thing in­volv­ing com­put­ers and the in­ter­net. Please stop feed­ing the ma­chine cre­at­ing all these prob­lems. In­stead do the lit­tle things that help make the web more open, de­mo­c­ra­t­ic and less re­liant on ma­jor evil cor­po­ra­tions. How many more crap­py stunts and dirty tricks do Face­book, Google, etc. have to pull on you be­fore you even con­sid­er pulling the plug? Are you a punk? Do a punk thing. Par­tic­i­pate in some punk web shit. Thanx a lot in ad­vance.

Num­ber of days since last Face­book Scan­dal (while i'm writ­ing this: Four days.)
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