Side A


F.E.I.D.L. Fünf Fin­ger Ra­batt
Bat Math Nobody's
Ba­sic Shapes Wolf in Sheep's Cloth­ing
Bob­by Funk I'm a Cat
Re­al­i­ty Group Hard Man
Ba­by Tyler Needz
CB Ra­dio Gor­geous The Dev­il
Vin­tage Crop Ten­sion
R.M.F.C. Read­er
No Fix Vi­cious Cy­cle
Mi­ni Skirt Give It Up
Pub­lic Eye I Might Go
Sil­i­cone Val­ues I Hate Fas­cist Rock And Roll
Jacuzzi Boys Of­fend­ed
Play­boy Man­ba­by I Wish My Brain Was a Com­put­er
Tony Dork Tongue Tied
The Mean­ies Drown­ing Tow­er
The Res­onars A Smile and a Promise
Boo­gie Board Sta­tion

Side B


Pow­er­plant A Spine
Erik Ner­vous Liv­ing In The Woods
Cher­ry Cheeks Wake Up
Tom­my and the Com­mies Im­pulse Ac­tion
Ner­vous Tick and the Zip­per Lips Don’t Know Where To Go
ISS Too Punk For Heavy Met­al
Psy­chic Grave­yard Hair­brush Mouth
Su­per Se­nior Too Much Tequi­la
Eu­gh Don’t Trust Har­ry
Dee Bee Rich Loook
Dum­my On My Back
Ghoulies Un­pack Your Bags
The Liq­uida­tors Mar­ried To Your Mind
Sil­i­cone Prairie Ozone Day
Shark Toys Fu­ture
Taulard Fo­mo
Sweet Reaper Faster Get­away
The Yearn­ers Red Au­ra
Vaguess Fences
Germ House Blunt Ob­jects

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