Austerity - Anarcho Punk Dance Party

What the title pro­mi­ses, this record deli­vers. Dan­ce­able shit? You bet! Anar­chist messa­ges? Tons of those get pro­c­lai­med here in such den­sity you really can't miss or ignore them. Musi­cally, this is not exac­tly some­thing you'd asso­ciate with anar­cho punk, alt­hough this stuff clearly has much of the same spi­rit. This is infec­touis post punk with a pun­chy post­core edge which, despite its dance­floor effec­tiveness, also suc­ceeds in the noise depart­ment, sho­wing no fear of waking up the neigh­bors. This, and their expli­citly poli­ti­cal lyrics sepe­rate them quite a bit from last decade's short-lived dance punk explo­sion. Ins­tead of New York cool you get an appro­pria­tely blunt and dis­tinc­tly bri­tish sense of urgency, even as they seem to share many of the same influ­en­ces. Gang Of Four, obviously, as well as Minu­te­men, mid- to late eigh­ties Mem­bra­nes, The Pop Group. And in the pre­sent, com­pa­ring them to Tics, Pill, Slumb Party, Spe­cial Inte­rest or UZS wouldn't be too far off.