Dion Lu­nadon It's the Truth
Pisse Regel­stu­dien­zeit
Mononeg­a­tives Role Re­ver­sal
Spasi HTCM in Block City
Dadgad Snap Your Fin­gers
Cool Sor­cery Can­dle
Self Im­prove­ment Crash­ing
Bri­an Dis­ease Bri­an Dis­eased
Dee­beat Ra­mone Dee­beat Ra­mone

Ten­e­ment Rats Crime Pays
Mouth­parts Gam­mon Soup
Meat Wave Ridicu­lous Car
Djinn To­mor­row Is To­day
Zhoop Ac­tions
Deck In Love With Mas­sage
Zoo Joie's Song
God2 Es­ca­late
B.E.A.S.T. Tem­ple of Per­verts

Die Farce Die Veb 3d
Girls In Syn­the­sis By­pass­ing
TV Dust So­lu­tion
Car­niv­o­rous Bells The Lad­der
Germ House Stack­ing Mis­takes
Golomb Un­ex­pect­ed Neg­a­tive Force

Vin­tage Crop The Bloody War
Hur­ry Up What's Your Name
Martha My Heart is a Drum­mer
No-Heads Con­crete & Steel
Healees Smash­ing Col­ors