To­tal Sham Pools
Skinned Pig Pussy. Blow. Caf­feine.
Rude Tele­vi­sion Rat Bas­tard
Exwhite Los­er
SOSS Ron's House
Pri­ors Voice Of Rea­son
Pinch Points Cap­i­tal
Snitsh Pitsh Rosie Coast­er

Rouge Anger­man
Max Mu­cus Countin' Ker­nels
The Gobs Mind Con­trol
Se­cret Agent Head­cheese The On­ly Good Bug (Is A Dead Bug)
Klint Monolo­gy
Toi­let Rats My Bomb Shel­ter
Psy­chic Grave­yard What Hap­pens At Ze­ro
Sex Mex Break­fast In Amer­i­ca

VR Sex Taste Of Hate
Wast­ed Break You
USA Nails God Help Us If There's A War
Nape Neck Don't Know
Soft Shoul­der Left Over, Ta­ble Top
Puffer Suf­fer­ing

No Heal­er Movie Night
Rot­ten Mind De­gen­er­ates
Gen­tle­men Rogues Fran­cy
Neu­trals Gary Borth­wick Says
Weak Sig­nal Who The Hell Are You?