Safe­ty Net Be With You
Suc­cess The Fool
Ner­vous Trig­gers Ra­di­a­tion Suit
Dudd Dilem­ma I'm No Pho­ny!
Sil­i­con Heart­beat X-22
Fi­nale Mi Cam­bio Climáti­co
Cher­ry Cheeks Trau­ma Bar
Ma­teo Man­ic Es­ca­la­tor To A Black Hole
Smirk Cop Caller
Met­dog Bins At Barkley Square
Pinch Points Rea­sons To Be Anx­ious
Liq­uid Lunch Dirty Hands
Letha Run­nin'
Rude Tele­vi­sion Death of Me

Strange Colours Say What You Want to Say
Rik and the Pigs Off/​On
Pack Rat Next Time Hit Me
Re­pul­sion Switch Berlin
The Mon­sters I Love You
Schizos I'm Al­ways First
Zhoop Fight­ing For Con­trol
Sem­tex 87 Robbed You
Body Cam Hit And Run
Peo­ples Tem­ple Peo­ples Tem­ple
Ztuped I Can't Stand the Light
Im­ploders Beat­in' On The Brain
Hot Load Di­vine Train­wreck

Hon­ey Radar Medi­um Mary Todd
Hun­gry Man Same Mis­take
Big Heet Oc­to­ge­nar­i­ans
Chris­t­ian Fit­ness Guild­ford Spe­cif­ic
Art Halk Pavil­lon
Al Pa­ci­nos Sis­ter I Can Tell You're Not From Round Here
Tom­my Cos­sack Down On The Ground
Tics Dope­head
Traps PS Relics
Alien Nose­job Cru­sad­er of Coles

Mys­tery Girl Love­line
In­ve­cil Las cu­carachas vue­lan
Mononeg­a­tives Ter­mi­nal Voic­es
Pleas­er The Dream
Stalled Minds Led By In­stinct
Sew­er Brigade Barcelona
The Chis­el What Was Mine
Glaas Easy Liv­ing
Gy­rate Sick, the Bet­ter
Ug­ly Twin Let You Down