Teenage Ceno­bite No Tears
Cap­tain Kazan Ooz­ing Green
De­former Fin­ger Foot
The Cow­boy Sail On
Shove Chop­per
Tu­nic De­mor­al­ize
Refedex Back­burn­er
Vi­o­lent Change What Have They Done
Bzdet Re­mont

Jack­son Reid Brig­gs Mon­ster
Sgt. Pa­pers Sand­wich de Mon­da
Print Head Zom­bie
Ricky Hell & The Void­boys Burn Out To­geth­er
Hon­ey Radar Con­sult The Nap­kin
Sil­i­cone Val­ues Stream­ing TV
Cot­ton Crown Crys­tal Ball
Low Life Agony & XTC

Abort­ed Tor­toise Stage Ban­ter
Bitter/​/​Washed Par­ty Wave
Bil­liam Tape Boy
Feed More & More & More
White Stains Laugh­ing Gas
Yleiset Syyt Op­por­tunistin Alkuil­ta
Lan­guid Apoc­a­lyp­tic Scars
Fumes Dump­ster Dive
Glyc­erol Hard­core Stinks
Bag­head Scab

Judy And The Jerks Mis­chief Night
Urin Płonę
Nas­ti One Less Piece of Shit
Mouth­parts Fake Meat /​ Re­al Meat
Stock­hausen & The Am­pli­fied Ri­ot An­i­mal Night Train
Why Both­er? More Brains
The Gobs Faces Of Death
Dis­li Ausen­cia Ganado­ra
Gee Tee Vee Wanked Off By The Wolf­mann
Eu­gh There's A Ghost In My House