Side A


True Sons Of Thun­der Killin’ It
Speed Plans Brick Wall
Gim­mick Chalk­board
Re­al Peo­ple Psy­chic War /​ The Hol­ly­wood Gimp
Sep­tic Yanks Hu­man Cur­ren­cy
G.S.B. Some­body Like Me
Gnarles Man­son Feel Nuthin
The Frea­kees Per­fect Hair
Pri­mal Brain Pri­mal Brain
Rat-Nip Age Out
His­t­a­mine Para­noid
Grout Fad­ed
Metz No Ceil­ing
Strange­light Ad­justable Rate
Kalei­do­scope Vol­un­teer Armies
The Un­fit Pills

Side B


Peace De Ré­sis­tance Pickin' on a Scab in L.A.
Smarts In­di­vid­u­al­i­ty
Dis­co Junk Print­er Jam
Wild Joe I've Got Wild Joe Vi­sion
Milt Pro­cras­ti­na­tor
Gen Pop Hang­ing Drum
The Cele­toids Light Beam
Armedalite Ri­fles All That Make­up
Dumb Punts Get Up
Mr. Teenage Waste Of Time
Star Par­ty All I Re­al­ly Wan­na Do
Wick­et­keep­er The Side
Safe­ty Net John­ny Whole­some
Su­per-X Turn To Black

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